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Champagne Racing to operate Gonella Racing F4 team.

Margate- January 22, 2024

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately Champagne Racing will take over the operation of our F4 Racing Team.

With the recent acquisition of cars, vehicles, and equipment, Victor Rubin de Celis and Jhonatan Sastoque are now introducing Champagne Racing.

The objective of the new team will be to participate in the Ligier JS F4 and the Formula Fara championships for the 2024 season.

The new squad will be based in Orlando, Florida and will have technical support from Gonella Racing.

Gonella Racing will continue to operate in our new shop in Margate, Florida and will keep providing services to our customers, including race car prep, engineering services, dampers, suspension development, vintage restoration, and more. 

“I am excited and looking forward to seeing what Victor and Jhonatan can bring to F4 paddock. Victor is a brilliant engineer and has been working with us for the last four years. He knows the cars from top to bottom and understands all the procedures well. I met Jhonatan not long ago, but I can already feel his enthusiasm and commitment.  I’m confident they will have success with their new endeavor. It is also great to see that our cars and equipment stay in good hands after all the hard work and effort it took to build this racing team,” said Ernie Gonella.

“I am extremely happy with how things played out. I was planning to run a formula team in the future but when this opportunity came up, I couldn’t let it pass. Having everything ready to go from day one is an incredible advantage and having Ernie’s support a big plus,” expressed Victor Rubin de Celis.

“I’ve always been a racing fan and wanted to be at the racetrack. Now being able to be part of this is like a dream come true. I have a lot to learn but I am confident that I can bring something positive to the team and I love the challenge,” commented Jhonatan Sastosque.

For more information about Champagne Racing at please email us at or visit


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