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Tyke Durst and Carl Bennett to continue with Gonella Racing for the 2023 F4US Championship.

Margate, Florida (February 10th, 2023)- With the first race of the 2023 F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda less than a month away, Gonella Racing is pleased to announce that Tyke Durst and Carl Bennett will be back with the team for the 2023 season.

Both drivers are back with the team after a learning rookie year and will set the driver lineup of a two-car effort for the 2023 F4US Championship Powered by Honda.

“I am happy to have both, Tyke, and Carl back with us for the 2023 season and can’t wait to see them apply what they learned last year. I think we made the right decision when we decided to run just two cars for the upcoming championship and give them a better chance to perform at the top,” said Team Owner Ernie Gonella.

“Tyke has been working on and off the car and training hard during the winter. His speed at the last test days was impressive and his feedback excellent.”

“Carl did a good amount of testing with the F4, he has also been competing in Europe and the results are showing up. He is now, not only very quick, but very consistent,” added Gonella

Tyke Durst commented “With one goal in mind, we return to the Formula 4 United States Championship. This being my second year I expect a lot from myself and the team. Looking back at last year, my first-ever year of racing, we completed the goal of learning the ropes of racing. But I learned more about myself and what I am personally capable of in a year than the rest of my life” combined. This year we’ll put that to the test. I plan to give my all to reward this team with what they deserve.”

“The second year continuing with Gonella racing I aim to finish on the podium in the F4 USA championship. Going into the 2023 season my confidence in the team couldn’t be higher,” said Bennett

The 2023 F4 US Championship Powered by Honda officially kicks off on March 9th at NOLA Motorsport Park.

For more information about the Gonella Racing driver development program please reach team owner Ernie Gonella at

- Gonella Racing


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